Being just a general public we perceive the performing arts as leisure activities or a kind of entertainment. That’s why for us it is difficult to understand that most artists, even those who seem to make an undemanding activity, get different injuries.

The aim of Fundació Ciència i Art is to raise awareness and try to help society to understand why it occurs.

Performing artists need to start training in very young age and maintain regular and often intense work programs during the entire career. In most cases the working conditions, the gestures and the activity itself are not adapted to the capabilities of the human body, neither from physical nor cognitive point of view. Society needs to understand that playing a musical instrument, dancing, acting or singing is not an innate ability. People do, whether they have a talent to be artist or not, devote much effort to get it. And often their body or mind pays expensive price for it.

For this reason, we try to show this situation in the mass media. We try to spread the messages related to this topic through the art of famous artists that participate in our concerts.

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