The Fundació Ciència i Art appeared due to private initiative. The contributions of the participants ensure maintenance of infrastructure and basic activity of the Foundation giving solidity and continuity to the project. However, these contributions allow achieve only few goals of the Foundation. For this reason there is an involvement of new sponsors and partners required who could carry out more projects.

The ways to collaborate with the Foundation are:

  • Economic contributions (I want to do a donation).

  • Giving the materials (musical instruments, computer and research equipment, library, furniture, etc..).

  • Offering the services (acting on behalf of the Foundation, participating in the investigation projects, etc.).

  • Providing infrastructure (space for activities, research materials and instruments, etc.).

  • Advertising the Foundation and its activities.

Have relied on the Foundation:

Fundació Ciència i Art

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Jaume Rosset

Foundation Director

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Terrassa, BCN

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