Building on the experience and collaboration with professionals of the Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art-Terrassa, the Foundation has been designing and creating a series of theoretical and practical educational proposals covering most topics regarding preventive aspects for artists and professionals in the field of health. Depending on your availability, interests and needs we can organize different options: from one-hour lectures, four-hour activity in workshops or complete courses.

Conferences and lectures

These activities can be carried out in the premises of the Foundation, where there are adequate space and specially developed audiovisual material disposed, or on the premises of the organization (school, conservatory, audience, hospital, etc.)


If you are interested in it, we can offer a basic list of educational courses. In the case of customized training, we also can make you a specific proposal adapted to your needs.


Since 2007, the Foundation is responsible for the subject of Education of Body Awareness at the Conservatory of Granollers. This is a project for students as well as for the teachers and there is also a tutorial where teachers can consult specialists about questions or problems of their students.

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